Oilers Win Grand Final Rematch

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The Dunsbrough Oilers continue their unbeaten record in the 2023/24 season with a 29 point win over the YCW Stingers in round 4.

The Stingers got out to a quick start with two of the first three baskets to give them an early lead. However, this would not last long as Oilers tall Jack Flynn put down 6 of the next 10 points in the match to give the Dunsborough side a buffer after the first 10 minutes of the game.

The Oilers continued to score and increase the margin with Atkinson, Marinovich, Flynn, Hough, Mooney all adding to the score with the Stingers only able to add 5 points themselves in this period which included a 9-0 run which opened the game up and proved just why this Dunsborough side will be very hard to beat this season. The Stingers went looking for answers to stop the Oilers all round shooting ability with the team in white leading 23-11 at the break.

Another quick 4 points form Dunsborough took the margin out to 16 and left the Stingers chances hanging by a thread. Beau Chinnery stepped up and stopped the momentum with his second basket of the night. Unfortunately for YCW this would be the moment that seemed to awaken Dunsborough’s Harry Mooney. He went on a shooting spree and put 11 points in without much trouble and allowed the Oilers to run away with the game winning 51-22.

For the Oilers round 5 sees them take on club rival the Dunsborough Midnight Oilers in a game that should see them go to 4-0 record and see them firm as favourites for back-to-back championships. Meanwhile for the Stingers, they take on a Colts side who fresh off the bye will be looking to continue there good form in what will be the game of the round.


Match Centre:

Dunsborough Oilers 51


YCW Stingers 22

Top Points Scorers:

Oilers – Harry Mooney 16, Anthony Marinovich and Jack Flynn 11

Stingers – Adam Dehring and Simon Slater 8, Beau Chinnery 6


Dunsborough Midnight Oilers vs Boomers Boomdogs

Midnight Oilers 27 defeated by Boomdogs 64


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