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Part of the responsibility of all Team Managers is not only to gather the team and provide the information link between Clubs and Team members but to officially attend to the team on game night.

Please read through the following information to familiarise yourself with the Team Manager position;

  • During registration, it is also your responsibility to ensure that each player is registered and the team does not exceed the representative player 9 point criteria and no more than 3 players with representative points per team. (please refer to the Bylaw 5 Player Points System )
  • ALL PLAYERS THAT TAKE THE COURT MUST BE REGISTERED AND FULLY FINANCIAL – a player that takes the court without being registered or financial is deemed ineligible to play. Any team that fields an unregistered and ineligible player will be penalized by the loss of competition points and a score of NIL allocated for games where the ineligible player/s have taken the court.
  • Please ensure that if you are not able to represent your team at any given game, that you ensure another parent/responsible adult can fill your position for the game.
  • No visitor players are to play with any team at any time.
  • If you have organised a player to play up (please refer to the Bylaw 11 Illegal Players), players must only be added by the court coordinator onto the courtside scoring iPad prior to the commencement of the game. Illegal players taking to the court will result in teams penalized by the loss of competition points and a score of NIL allocated for games where the illegal player/s have taken the court.
  • If your team is needing to forfeit a game, you MUST inform the Association at least 24 hours before the game. (please refer to the Bylaw 22 Forfeits ) for the forfeit process.
  • Please ensure that a competent scorer over the age of 13 is at the score bench each game (one scorer per team is required). Please ensure they are competent in how to use the computer scoring system
  • Please ensure all players are wearing a mouth guard at the commencement of a game. No player is to take to the court without a mouthguard.
  • Please ensure all players are appropriately dressed prior to taking the court (please refer to the Bylaw 13 Uniforms)
  • Should team colour uniforms clash with the opposing team, please make sure you organize bibs with you club prior to game night.  BABA cannot provide bibs due to COVID protocol. Team B (away team) listed on the Ipad is to wear the bibs.
  • Team Managers should be conversant with the BABA By-laws and ensure that no rules are broken or exceeded. Should a by-law be contravened then the team may be liable to lose competition points or players being unable to take the court.
  • Team Managers are requested to follow the appropriate processes for complaints. Any complaints that can’t be resolved, please forward to your Club, who will forward it to the Association


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