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Boomers beat Oilers to secure Grand Final berth!

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The Boomers Boomdogs are the first team to qualify for the 2023/24 Soils aint Soils Men’s A Grade Grand Final, –after a comprehensive 18-point win over the Back-to-Back Champions in the Dunsborough Oilers in tonight’s Qualifying Final at the GLC.

The Boomdogs got the ideal start with the open 7 points of the game courtesy of Diesel Hill and James de Morton. It took nearly five minutes for the Oilers to score with Daniel Atkinson putting the Oilers on the board with 2 points. From that point though, it was Boomers, who appeared to come with the goal of making their first Grand Final appearance since the 2021/22 season, as they continued to pile on the points, When Kelton Kemp scored to take the lead out to 14 points it was clear that the reining champs title defense was getting shaky.

A time out failed to help the Oilers as the Boomdogs continued to pile on the pain and dominate across the court, with nearly every Boomdogs scoring the lead had ballooned out to a game high 21 points before Oiler, Anthony Marinovich put down a 3-pointer to attempt to slow down the Boomdogs attack. Unfortunately for Dunsborough the last 2 minutes of the half saw Ethan Bowman and Mitch Tenardi both score to take the half time score to 26-5 in favour of the Boomers.

The second half started in a way that gave the Oilers fans some sense of hope with Matt Mansfield and Daniel Atkinson both scoring, but more importantly the Oilers had stopped the scoring well the Boomers had been drinking from. However, this would be the Boomdogs night and after 6 minutes Kelton Kemp scored to put any chance of an Oilers comeback to bed. The two teams continued to trade baskets for the last 10 minutes of the game as the Boomers ran out 18-points winners and booked their place in next Fridays decider.

For the Oilers, they will take to a preliminary final, something they have not had to do for the last 2 seasons against their back-to-back Grand Final opponents in the YCW Stingers, after they easier accounted for Colts by 23 points in the Elimination Final later in the night.

The Preliminary final between Dunsborough Oilers and YCW Stingers will take place next Monday at 6:50pm at the GLC.


Match Centre:

Dunsborough Oilers 19

Defeated by

Boomers Boomdogs 37

Top Points Scorers:

Oilers – Matt Mansfield 6, Anthony Marinovich 5

Boomdogs – James de Morton and Mitch Tenardi 9, Kelton Kemp 7


YCW Stingers vs Colts

Stingers 49 defeated Colts 26


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