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Most questions can be answered by checking the website or our Bylaws.  If  your questions are still un answered please email


  • When is registration?

Registration is announced by the Clubs and is generally at the end of August every year. Please see a list of all our Clubs on our Busselton Basketball website – please contact a Club to be put on their emailing list.


  • Where do I get a nomination form from?

Clubs will forward team and individual nomination forms out to members.


  • How much are the fees?

Busselton Amateur Basketball Association sporting pulse website has Season Information under the “Domestic Basketball” tab – Juniors & Seniors. Players are required to pay the following;

  • Club Fee
  • BABA Fee
  • BWA Fee

The fees are set for up coming season prior to registration.


  • How do I register and pay?

Team Nomination and Individual Nominations are required to be handed into the Club by the set date (muster date). Please stay in contact with your preferred Club to receive this information. Once all teams are submitted to BABA, registration links will be provided to managers to be sent onto parents/players. These links will require fee payment at the end of the registration form.


  • What age group should I nominate for?

This changes every year and is dependent on what year you/your child is born. Busselton Amateur Basketball Association sporting pulse website has Season Information under the “Domestic Basketball” tab – Juniors & Seniors.


  • How many points can each team have?

Teams that apply to play in their natural age grade cannot exceed 9 points. If nominating in a higher age group then points will be halved. The 9 points system is for the whole season for the team.


  • Can a player be a member of two difference teams in two different age divisions?

No. You may play for only one Junior team. You may however play for one Junior (U18 and below) and one Senior team. But you must be a financial member for both senior and junior teams


  • How many games before players must be in full and correct uniform?

As determined by the Association usually 3 playing dates.


  • Do players need to wear shoes?

Yes – runners or sneakers are required as this constitutes a full and correct uniform –No school shoes allowed, NO bare feet.


  • Do I have to wear a mouth guard?

Yes – All players must wear a mouth guard. Senior players do so at their discretion.


  • Does the Association provide a warm up ball prior to games?

No – you must provide your own warm up balls.


  • How long are the games?

Juniors – two twenty minute halves, Seniors – two twenty five minute halves.


  • Do we have to score for our own team?

Yes, all teams need to provide one person to score each game.


  • Do we need to provide an umpire?

No, BABA will provide Umpires for every game.


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